The Anarchist Experience – 192

The Anarchist Experience Episode 192
Season 3 Episode 12

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Even after a Holiday Hiatus, MC is unable to join us, and with some technical difficulties, neither is our fill-in host. So Rich E Rich Reads the news.

– Hawaii man who suffered heart attack during missile false alarm sues state
– When the Nanny State Actually Tries To Nanny
– How Government Became the Chief Violator of Property Rights
– Julian Assange deserves a Medal of Freedom, not a secret indictment
– Philly Police Union Sues Over Attempts to Keep Bad Cops Off the Stand
– Passengers are forced to chip in to pay for REPAIRS to their Boeing 787 before it takes off from Beijing to Poland
– Innocent Grandma Jailed for Months Because Cops Mistook Cotton Candy for Meth
– Health Care Ate America
– Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Is Tainted by Big Government’s Grasp on Sales


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